What happens during a Clay/Mud Packing Session?

What happens during a Clay/Mud Packing Session?

Mud Packs as a modality on its own.  This is when kinesiology testing is used to identify areas of trauma that may be causing problems for general health and well-being or long term pain.

Session 1.  Starting at the “Four downloads”

The feet and hands are referred to as the four downloads. When these areas are correctly balanced energetically, they assist in keeping the body healthy as well as assisting in ongoing detoxification. When they are blocked, the body’s bio-energetic pathways can become stagnant (literally backing up) and can produce pain as well as many symptoms. The back and front of the feet and hands contain hundreds of highly sensitive acupuncture points that are key bio-energetic release areas for the entire body.

Clearing of the four downloads are the primary points that are worked on in the first session. The pipes or channels need to be cleared of toxins and balanced electrically before the task of releasing the “Interference Fields” (trauma, injury sites) can begin.

Session 2

Session 2 and onwards; after the “downloads” are cleared, then the fun begins. Now the identification and clearing of the blockages on the body can be identified and cleared using the Targeted Mud Packs.

The hands and feet are referred to as the four “downloads”

During a massage, to help the healing process move along quicker or help clear the pain faster on a recent injury, a pack is applied on the area.

What is in the Mud Pack?

The packs are made up of a dry mixture of different muds, clays and herbs. Instead of adding water to the dry mix as is done for beauty therapy, a specific mix of a detoxifying liquid herbs is added. This makes the pack extremely potent.

Mud on its own is the only natural element on the planet which can draw out toxins and hold them and at the same time exchange minerals back into the skin and underlying tissues creating a therapeutic healing effect.