The name “Vital Levity” came to me one day while I was attending a weekend seminar with David Wolfe, who is a well known advocate for raw food and healthy lifestyle practices.

David was talking about how trees especially, and plants defy gravity as they draw nutrients up their trunks. As I thought about it, I realised what an amazing feat that was. I have long believed that plants are the most important part of healing our bodies and keeping our well-being in tact. The fact that they really have to work so very hard to bring us the nourishment that they do, just blows me away.

Vital = Vitality. This is something we all want in life, not just on an energy level, we also want vital minds and souls to use our time on this earth to it fullest potential.

Levity = Levitation. Keeping everything in our lives feeling light and easy and sustainable.

These are the goals for my own life. Are they yours?

I have spent many, many years learning, searching and trialling ways to be healthy. I still don’t have all the answers but I am sure I have something to share with you. Something to assist you on your path of healing and well-being. From my heart to yours.

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