Mud Therapy

Mud Therapy

 Targeted Mud Packing

Targeted Mud Packing is when a small amount of mud is applied

to a  particular area of the body to help detoxification and healing.

Why or when would you use a mud pack?

When there has been trauma to the body (e.g. scars, vaccinations, whiplash, falls, fractures, surgery, etc.) these can create “Interference Fields” by short-circuiting natural energy flow to organs and glands.

Based on the meridians of Chinese Traditional Medicine, if the trauma site cuts off the natural flow of energy in the body or diverts energy in the wrong direction, it can cause     negative health reactions in the body. By clearing these sites, it can help restore health and well- being.

Mud Packing can be used on old trauma sites or be simply used when find yourself with a current pain, for example, shoulder pain.

How I use Mud Packing in my practice.

One method is using Mud Packing as a modality on its own. This is when you may want to help your overall health and well-being by identifying areas of injury or trauma that have been affecting you but you may not have realised it.

This method of Mud Packing uses Kinesiology testing (muscle testing) to look for the injury or trauma sites. Using the muscle testing (the muscle stays strong if an area is flowing properly or goes weak if an area is not flowing properly) it indicates the areas which need to be Mud Packed.

I have found this to be of great help for people in long term pain from severe accidents or generally feeling fatigued or areas where they have scars from operations. The improvement time varies of course depending upon the amount of blockage in the energy flow and other injury sites over the body.

As a part of my massage treatments, I often find doing a Mud Pack on an area that is causing pain, like shoulders or neck, it takes the pain away at a deeper level and clears the blocks in the tissues more efficiently.

What happens to your body when you get an injury?

Trauma sites can attract heavy metals and toxins which accumulate in the connective tissue and interfere with nerve, lymphatic and meridian (energetic) flow often causing pain and other seemingly unrelated symptoms. If the site is injured enough to stop energy and proper blood flow, it stops being able to repair properly and the normal chemical flows can be disrupted.

With Targeted Mud Packing, the blockages created on the injury/trauma sites can be cleared to restore and greatly enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.

How does the Clay/Mud work?

The unique properties of muds allow maximum Cation exchange, there are no other compounds anywhere on Earth that can exchange out of the skin more Heavy Metals and other selected toxins than muds. They also seem to exchange toxins that are inherent in scar tissue and trauma sites (which is not yet totally understood), they are able to restore the normal nerve and  energy flow through these tissues. This technique allows permanent  tissue restoration, which in turn helps the body to begin returning to normal function along with the ideal nutrition, to support the complete proper functioning of the site. Basically the mud removes toxins and exchanges nutrients back into the area.

What happens during a Clay/Mud Packing Session?

Mud Packs as a modality on its own.  This is when kinesiology testing is used to identify areas of trauma that may be causing problems for general health and well-being or long term pain.

Session 1.  Starting at the “Four downloads”

The feet and hands are referred to as the four downloads. When these areas are correctly balanced energetically, they assist in keeping the body healthy as well as assisting in ongoing detoxification. When they are blocked, the body’s bio-energetic pathways can become stagnant (literally backing up) and can produce pain as well as many symptoms. The back and front of the feet and hands contain hundreds of highly sensitive acupuncture points that are key bio-energetic release areas for the entire body.

Clearing of the four downloads are the primary points that are worked on in the first session. The pipes or channels need to be cleared of toxins and balanced electrically before the task of releasing the “Interference Fields” (trauma, injury sites) can begin.

Session 2 and onwards; after the “downloads” are cleared, then the fun begins. Now the identification and clearing of the blockages on the body can be identified and cleared using the Targeted Mud Packs.

The hands and feet are referred to as the four “downloads”

During a massage, to help the healing process move along quicker or help clear the pain faster on a recent injury, a pack is applied on the area.

What is in the Mud Pack?

The packs are made up of a dry mixture of different muds, clays and herbs. Instead of adding water to the dry mix as is done for beauty therapy, a specific mix of a detoxifying liquid herbs is added. This makes the pack extremely potent.

Mud on its own is the only natural element on the planet which can draw out toxins and hold them and at the same time exchange minerals back into the skin and underlying tissues creating a therapeutic healing effect.


Mud Packing Sessions for Health and Well-being:

$70.00 an hour plus $15.00 per Mud Pack mix. (This is 2 tablespoons of dry mud and added herbs) The amount of Mud Packs used will vary depending on how many areas need to be treated.

Mud Packs as part of a massage session. 

The cost of the massage (e.g. 1 hour $87.00) plus $15.00 per Mud Pack mix. (This is 2 tablespoons of dry mud and added herbs) The amount of Mud Packs used will vary depending on how many areas need to be treated.


The information in this site is intended for general knowledge and for education purpose. It should not be used as advice, suggestion or any other medical advice, if symptoms persist, consult your Healthcare Practitioner.

Examples of Interference Points (injury/trauma) and how they can affect the rest of the body