About Ginny

About Ginny

Hi my name is Ginny and I am blessed to have been working as a naturally based therapist for 30 years.  This has enabled me to care for people’s health, well-being and help them regain joy for life. I love my work, I love sharing my time, experience, talents and knowledge with the people who choose to come and see me.

I grew up using alternative therapies because of my mother, she always believed in using natural healing whenever possible.  My mother took a lot of care to make and store lots of fresh food for the family, which I now appreciate but as a child and teenager, I just felt awkward being the only person at school eating sandwiches made from homemade bread. Yet, I had a curiosity about nutrition, when I was about 10 years old, I did do some reading and decided that hamburgers were the perfect food – they contained protein, carbohydrates and fresh salad vegetables. Perfect!

I found art and music to be my passion through school and into my early twenty’s. As I look back on it now, this gave me a wonderful landscape to build on my intuitive skills. For me, art and music comes from the heart and I have always paved my way through life by what I felt at a heart level.  Whatever I attempted to do with my hands I would be skilled at, again, I simply had a feeling for it.

Sitting down and listening to people comes naturally to me, I find people fascinating. Everyone has a story and a different perspective on life. Their stories explain how they came to be who they are, why they do what they do, and very often explain the illnesses or discomforts they have in life.

Working as a natural therapist has been a perfect place for me to bring all my skills and experiences together. Added to these skills I have always been a seeker of truth. I have read about so many spiritual beliefs, been on loads of retreats, started doing things like yoga and meditation as a teenager, I sincerely wanted to know why I was here since I was very young. To understand my own health challengers I have been to so many classes and courses and listened to so many people and read so many books I have lost count of the hours I have spent learning and searching.

My greatest joy in life is being able to share the knowledge, experience and intuition I have gained from those personal journeys. When I am massaging you, I am listening to your body. When I work with healing or Reiki, I step aside and let as much energy in as I possibly can. When I listen to you, I do my best to reach into my heart and give you the best guidance I can, and bring together the skills I have gained, that I feel will best assist you on your road to recovery. A road that in the end should bring you much joy as you heal and remember what it is like to be healthy and have a great sense of well-being.

IICT Full Member 6320060546

Professional Study:

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Reiki Master

Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Kinesiology: Kinergetics, Touch For Health,.

Iridology and Sclerology


Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner: Targeted Mudpacking and Nutritional Testing.

Chinese Cupping

Studied Human Health Science subjects at Charles Sturt University

I personally follow and apply the information shared by Medical Medium Anthony William and share it with other people as part of my practice.

Attended various seminars and certifications on nutrition and herbs.

Ginny Roberts  can be found at:

My main office is situated in Rosewood Qld 4340

 Shop 18/66 Curragundi Road, Jindalee QLD 4074 Wednesday only

 Ginny: 0413 140 611  

email: vitallevity@gmail.com

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