Why did I used to lose weight so easily and now I can’t?

Why did I used to lose weight so easily and now I can’t?

In my last blog, I introduced you to the concept that the state of your liver is the reason your body begins to gain weight, no matter what you do with diet or exercise.  I know I have over the years asked the question ” Why did I used to lose weight so easily and now I can’t? ” It is such a frustrating situation and I had found no real answer up until now.

This information makes perfect sense to me and it may help you understand why too. I know in the past I have been on high protein diets and lost weight easily. A few years down the track, it doesn’t work anymore. I have done the HCG diet and had great success but it only worked for me once. What is going on? Ugh ! Here is the reason why. When you go on such drastic diets the body has not gone through that type of experience before and it reacts, it actually gets a shock because you are doing something  so radical and the body drops weight.  The body will only tolerate this radical change once or twice. The next time you try, the body has gotten wise to it and has adapted.

It is better to work with a daily diet that supports your liver, adrenals and pancreas. This assists the body to balance itself, and heal in the process. Eating every few hours helps keep the adrenals from overworking and releasing stress hormones which often make the body put on weight and it helps balance blood sugar release from the Pancreas. Minimising animal fats helps the liver not work so hard and saves it from heading in the direction of becoming a Fatty or pre Fatty Liver, which complicates the reasons your weight increases over time.

Eat lots of protein ! How many of us hear that ? Did you know that you only require 5% protein in your diet as an adult? Did you know that animal protein is extremely hard for the digestion to break down? The other down side of animal protein is that is full of fat that builds up in liver, the storage of that fat over time, makes it hard for the liver to perform the thousands of other jobs it does to look after your body. Did you know that protein is more easily available in fruits and vegetables. They are easier for your digestion to break down and don’t clog up your liver.

There is no fat in fruits or vegetables and over time, your liver will begin to heal. By eating them constantly over the day, your adrenals will not affect your body as much, and as your body begins healing, then it has less reason to be storing fat around your middle and places you don’t want it.

This information comes from Anthony William –  The Medical Medium. I have implemented his protocols in my own life and have found my health to have improved more than any other health protocols I have used. I can also help you with your health, well-being and weight challenges. 

Disclaimer: These articles do not diagnose, or or make no promise of treatment or cure. If you have any serious health issues please seek a doctor’s advice.

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