What Is Organic Food

What Is Organic Food

Fresh and healthyOrganic foods contain some amazing benefits for you, but many people are confused about what is organic food exactly.

For food to be organic it must be grown and produced to specific standards relative to the country. But as a basic guideline organic foods are grown and produced without synthetic chemicals, pesticides antibiotics or growth hormones. In fact organic food is food that is grown and produced using all natural processes.

Many people think that organic is just a term for fruit and vegetables, but meat can also be classed as organic if the feed, environment and production processes all meet organic food production guidelines. We also have many other products that can be organic including clothing, toiletries,  drinks and cosmetics.

To be classed and advertised as organic in both the United States and Australia at least 95% of the ingredients used to produce the food must be organic. 2oth century chemical farming techniques have spoilt  good farming land and played havoc with our health and well-being.

Many dangerous and highly toxic chemicals used in war like “Agent Orange” are being used in the production of many non-organic foods we consume. This is a contributing factor to why we are seeing higher cases of food allergies in children born every year and also massive recent increases in diseases like cancer.

Educating people about what is organic food and why we should all consume as natural products as possible will ensure that we will live much healthier and happier lives.

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