Weight Loss, Healing And The Liver

Weight Loss, Healing And The Liver

I think we all do understand that eating foods that are full of fat and sugar and that are over processed will certainly cause most of us to gain weight. It is not rocket science. If we eat too much, if we eat food that has no nourishment, then we will end up wearing the consequences eventually. However, what is it really doing to our body? What is getting damaged in the process?

I believe that understanding what is changing in our organs, helps us to make a positive move forward to implementing lifestyle changes to our food and daily routines. I am about to share with you some different thoughts about what is going on and why for a vast majority of us, our weight does not stay at a constant place on the scales.

The LIVER can be a big issue with weight gain and weight loss. It is because so many of us have sluggish, congested or pre-fatty livers. Blood tests unfortunately do not often uncover these changes, as they happen slowly and over many years and often there are no real symptoms of illness. However, when we begin to find that the weight does not come off like it used to, then we do have an indication that something has changed in our bodies.

When our liver gets clogged up it begins to under perform. The liver is our store for glucose or energy, the most vital nutrient we need to survive. When the liver begins to lose its ability to store glucose, the body begins to lose its ability to lose weight. This glucose reserve is what stops the body from gaining weight, believe it or not.

When you begin any diet, in most cases you start eating lots of more fruits and vegetables. This gives the liver a chance to rest and heal.  This recovery gets the liver back into action. Most of all it begins to receive and store the precious glucose it has been missing.

This information comes from Anthony William –  The Medical Medium. I have implemented his protocols in my own life and have found my health to have improved more than any other health protocols I have used. I can also help you with your health, well-being and weight challenges. 

Disclaimer: These articles do not diagnose, or or make no promise of treatment or cure. If you have any serious health issues please seek a doctor’s advice.

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