Understanding the Power of Prayer

Understanding the Power of Prayer

“The power of prayer lies in the vibrational shift that occurs when one is in the state of consciousness that is achieved when one is intentionally acknowledging one’s ever-present connection to Source. When one is in a state of prayer, one is activating that connection; as such, the aspect of the individual that is Source is also activated, altering the vibrational field of the individual and lending power to their intentions.

Therefore, it is not in the asking for divine intervention that alterations are made to the individual’s life path, but in the intrinsic power of Source energy within the individual individual that shifts the vibrational frequency from one of helplessness to powerful creator.

The assistance that is derived from prayer, therefore, is not exactly what many may think it is. When prayers are answered, one will naturally assume that the hand of God deemed the individual worthy for His benevolent power to release that individual from suffering.

In fact, it is in the realisation of one’s own power to release himself from suffering that the true magic of prayer occurs. One cannot have a conversation with another being without activating the connection between them, whether this conversation is face-to-face or over long distances, and so, as a sort of vibrational conversation with Source, prayer activates this inherent connection and opens the channel to this direct link, calling in the vibrational frequency of the individual to the frequency of that which they are requesting.

This is where prayer truly has an effect, when one is requesting a shift in the frequency of their life that will cause a healing, or a reconciliation, or a resolution. The act of prayer places the individual in the frequency of that which they are requesting, and so it is the supreme act of manifesting. It is a way to experience the energy of that which is being requested, turning it over to the infinite power of the divine, and then no longer dwelling in the frequency of helplessness, because the act of praying in itself is an act of creation.

From the book ” From Deep Space with Love: A Conversation about Consciousness, the Universe, and Building a Better World” (p. 116). Hay House, Inc.. Kindle Edition by Mike Dooley and Tracy Farquhar





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