One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

I had a client send me a text the other day, with eager anticipation of starting work with me. As it turned out she has been carrying my name and number around with her for quite some time.

Over the past couple of years she has been meaning to put some time and care into herself and finally, as she was ending her holiday, she decided it was time to keep feeling relaxed and that after visiting her sister who had guided her in the direction of looking at Natural Health options, it was time to do something about it. She looked into her purse for my number.

Although she had only booked for a massage, once she arrived she realised I had a lot more to offer and that her wish to improve her overall health and well-being could be full filled. Her body needed care – massage (tick). She wanted to do some detoxing – Mud packing and Intuitive Well-being Consulting (tick). Her emotional state needed soothing and guidance – Reiki, Healing and my personal care and attention (tick).

I explained to her my own personal history and the many hours of study and personal growth I had gone through and what directions I could help her go in. Before we started the massage session she was elated that I could offer a “one stop shop” with very personalised service.

If you feel I could be of help to you, I am happy to talk to you, answer your questions about how I can assist you with your own personal journey for better health, well-being and head towards a balanced lifestyle.

Please contact me on my mobile 0413 140 611 or send me an email at

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