Medical Medium – “Liver Rescue” Book

Medical Medium – “Liver Rescue” Book

Liver Rescue – Anthony William (Release Date 30th October, 2018)

“One problem preventing people from healing is that there is so much misinformation in both alternative and conventional medical industries today that is misleading. The result is that people are just getting sicker in the long run. Even if they get some results from applying any helpful bits of information amongst the misinformation, such as cutting out processed foods, bringing in more salads and green juices, or getting some exercise, there’s much more they need to understand so they can properly heal. One way or another, they eventually get more symptoms and sickness down the road, a lower quality of life, and a shorter life if they don’t know the truth about what’s really happening in their bodies, such as those I share in Liver Rescue.

Another problem people are facing is that because sickness and symptoms are developing and worsening at such a rapid rate among both adults and children in our world today, the measures they might have taken before to help improve their health are now not enough. Have you noticed that diet and lifestyle choices you used to get away with now affect you in a much greater way? For example, maybe you didn’t have to think twice in earlier years about eating a burger and fries, drinking a few too many glasses of wine, and staying up too late often because you bounced back pretty quickly or maybe didn’t feel any ill effects at all.

But now it’s a different story. You feel slow, sluggish and fatigued. Weight is creeping on and it’s hard to shift it. Your skin looks unhealthy. You have dark circles under your eyes. Digestive symptoms are showing up regularly. You get headaches. You are bloated. Your brain feels foggy. Skin rashes or pimples break out. You have aches and pains. You’re developing new symptoms you’ve never had before. 

Or maybe it’s that the good things you are doing for yourself simply don’t seem to be helping you enough anymore. Drinking some extra water, eating less processed foods, and exercising are helpful, but not enough to bring your full vitality back. Most people would chalk this up to aging and consider it to be a natural progression as the years tick by. But this isn’t normal at all. Just because something is accepted in our culture and seems to happen to everyone, doesn’t mean it’s normal, healthy, or what we are meant to experience. The symptoms and diseases we think are inevitable and due to aging or genetics are simply signs that there are other issues going on in the body that need addressing. 

In Liver Rescue, I share that one key reason that almost everyone’s health is in trouble (now or it will be in the future unless they know what’s really happening in their bodies and how to heal) is because everyone’s livers are in trouble. Your liver needs your care and support. It needs you to know the truth about how to look after it in the way it’s been waiting for since the very beginning of your life. Even if you aren’t sick or symptomatic right now, your liver is still waiting for you to take care of it. Problems can be brewing that you may not yet feel or see, but they’re developing below the surface. The sooner you take care of your liver in the way it needs, the better your future will be in every way.

Liver Rescue is not just about your liver. It’s about your heart, brain, immune system, skin, and gut. It’s about sleeping well, balancing blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, losing weight, and looking and feeling younger. It’s about being clearer-headed, more peaceful, happier. It’s about being able to adapt to our fast-changing times. Saying yes to liver support is the most efficient action on your to-do list. A healthy liver is the ultimate de-stressor, the ultimate anti-aging ally, the ultimate safeguard against a threatening world. It’s key to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. As I share in Liver Rescue,  turning your attention to your liver is not the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back; it’s the helping hand that lightened the camel’s load and saved its life.

It’s critical you empower yourself with the truth I share in Liver Rescue. True healing can not be obtained without real answers—ones that unfortunately medical science and research don’t yet have. Medical science has dedicated relatively little research to the liver other than in the realm of transplants, so it isn’t taught how connected the liver is to the state of ill health in the world. Medical communities haven’t yet been informed about all that the liver does; how many of the health complaints, diseases, symptoms, and conditions of our time are actually symptomatic of liver trouble; or what the liver most needs to thrive, so they aren’t able to pass along this critical knowledge.”

Love and many blessings,
Anthony William

Medical Medium facebook post: Oct 21, 2018, 9:10 PM

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