Intuitive Health Readings

Intuitive Health Readings

Last year I began doing Intuitive Health Readings based on the Medical Medium information by Anthony William.

I have a background in Kinesiology and for many years have done face to face consultations for people assisting them with their Health and Well Being. These sessions help people work through emotions, nutrition and healing through their energy fields. By asking the body questions, a practitioner can make their way through the levels of information that are stored in physical cells, emotions, spiritual beliefs etc. 

As an aware intuitive person (we are all intuitive) I also often get messages for people I am working with and I also work as a healer. Listening to the body – feeling for areas of low, high, hot and cold energy, that need to be re balanced. Over the years my connection has increased with” the quantum field” – this “field” helps us all connect in so many ways. The classic example of how this “field” works is when you are thinking of someone and they suddenly call you !

As well as working with people face to face, I have now been blessed to work with many people around Australia and the world. I use the same methods I have learnt from Kinesiology and have changed to way I work by asking questions about health conditions by using a pendulum. This way it has allowed me to be able to work with people at a distance and get to the bottom of their health issues with clarity.

I am extremely grateful to Spirit and Anthony William – The Medical Medium for the information they have shared about Health and Well Being. It has improved the quality of my life and I have been blessed to be able to assist many other people understand the frustrations of being ill, find some answers and begin to move forward.

For more information about my Intuitive Health Consultations please go to my page – Well Being Consulting

“Ginny has a friendly manner which made me feel like I’ve always known her. She has a caring and sincere willingness to be of service.” Ellen (Adelaide, Australia)

“Thank you for the help you have given our family” – Debbie (Brisbane, Australia)

“Ginny is wonderful, a very knowledgeable intuitive holistic healer. She is very thorough and kind. She will listen to your health concerns and help you on your healing path to getting well and good health.” Oceana (Sydney, Australia)





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