Intuitive Health Consultations

Intuitive Health Consultations

Last year I began helping people who loved the ideas that Anthony William – The Medical Medium© shares in his books and in his radio broadcasts on Hay House. I too love the information and made changes to my diet and how I look after my health over 2 years ago and I have never looked back. My energy has increased, I get to live each day to it’s fullest and as time goes by I can feel my body continue healing.

Sometimes the information can be overwhelming and people can lost about the direction to head in. What pathogen do they have? What supplements are best for them and how much do they take? What foods would be best for them to eat to increase the healing path of their body? I have been helping many people answer these questions and setting them in the right direction for them.

I am very grateful to be doing this work and supporting Anthony in sharing this information with people because it needs to be heard. It gives you so many answers that science has yet to recognise about how our body works and what is affecting it and why the human race is actually getting sicker and not stronger.

It is the true, how much research is influenced by those who supply the money for it.  We all know deep inside that the food that supplies us with the best nutrients, grows in the ground every day, and there is no money in researching that, as drug companies can’t sell it to you. We give away our power to what people tell us is good for us or what research says is best for us. In most cases it is making lots of money for some supply company.

I know I have tried many supplements after attending nutritional lectures based on the current scientific trends and noticed no difference to my health at all. I have searched for a long time for simple, logical answers to health concerns and how to stay healthy.

Anthony in his first book – Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic And Mystery Illnesses And How To Finally Heal, opened my eyes to so many logical, easy ways to improve health and well-being. If you really want some answers, then please buy a copy of the book. I am here to assist you if you get confused or need guidance in the future.

Disclaimer: These articles do not diagnose, or or make no promise of treatment or cure. If you have any serious health issues please seek a doctor’s advice.

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